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Techno Craft Solution

We think our work speaks for itself. We craft bespoke websites, digital tools, info-graphics and logos to bring websites, digital tools, info-graphics

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Techno Craft Solution


Over the years, we at Techno Craft Solution have successfully completed a wide range of Web Development and Software projects for different Industries and business sectors. Techno Craft Solution is a Lucknow, India based leading software service provider which aims at providing quality Software Solutions, Web designs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Hosting. All of the projects we do are with a view to remain cost competitive vendors, leveraging our technical expertise to provide outstanding services and deliver high quality solutions in time.

Techno Craft Solution have enough resources to start, execute and complete a project successfully. Our technical infrastructure includes: office space, a comfortable workplace for each member equipped with robust hardware and up-to-date software.

Our Objective

While designing, we put special attention to smallest details digital tools, info-graphics and logos to bring your message to colorful design We think our work speaks for itself. As per your needs and budget, we will develop the optimal software solution - from GUI applications to sophisticated engines and programming complexes...

Skills and Expertise

.NET 9/10
HTML5/CSS3 9.5/10
Flash 8/10
JavaScript 7/10
PHP & MySQL 9/10

Our expert team has done all the hard work and knowledge sharing to accomplish various levels of application development projects. We are experienced professionals to develop advanced systems with complex business logic dealing with large amounts of data and transactions. We are able to supply you with most desirable, innovative, trustworthy web application solution. Techno Craft Solution has experience in developing advance web designing with a huge variety and a broad area of business environment is providing you a dedicated & e- professional team to enhance your business. Development of Application development is the matter of customization, it's directly depends upon clients specific business requirement. Techno Craft Solution will directly introduce you with media rich domain experience and design. We are providing you new fresh design for every website. We do not use any template for designing a website. We Give You Something Fresh To Believe In: - You have a proper documentation for each and every phase of your website. Your website should have to prove worthy for your entire business. We believe in SEO based projects that will help you in enhancing your gross business. We believe in providing a lasting profitable relationship with our client through a more promptly customer relationship. We believe in reducing the resources to enhance the productivity of your business. Platform of Application Techno Craft Solution give you an excellent service including new technology platform, programming of application for specific requirement. You can also contact us for a brief consultancy for your web application.

There is no end to software development. It is a complex process that involves number of steps that needs to be followed to get the right end results. As per your needs and budget, we will develop the optimal software solution - from GUI applications to sophisticated engines and programming complexes. We believe in using the best, most popular and cutting edge Internet-related technologies that are optimal for the project from a technical and financial point of view.
Principal directions of our activities are as follows:
Optimal technologies research and selection.
Data domain research and detailed specifications for a project as deliverable.
Prototypes and demo versions creation.
System planning (selection of architecture, creation of interaction protocols and technical specifications for separate
  modules, etc.)
System implementation (creation of specifications for system modules, coding, QA)
Project documentation (system architecture and protocols description, source code detailed description (in addition to
  built-in comments in code), etc.)
End-user documentation (users manual, troubleshooting, installation guide, etc.)
Product support (implementation of extra features, source code consulting, etc.)
Some of our developed Software
Library Management System
Stock Management for Gas Manufacturing companies
Automation of Security Services
Fee Management System
Salary Management System
School management System
And Many Customized Software

Paid Search Marketing and Search Engine Marketing are fast growing mediums of advertising / marketing your products digitally. The web is growing at a pace faster than we can imagine. It is bringing people closer to their needs and wants and making things accessible right on their desktops.
People have started using internet as the decision making medium and the web impacts a lot on their purchase decision. Paid search marketing is a perfect blend of branding and ROI where the advertiser gets users based on their buying intent. The intent is known through the contextual page that they are visiting or the Keywords being utilized to help feed their decision.
To sum it up precisely Paid search marketing helps you reach your customers at your own budgets with no quality compromise.
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