Erp for university


The proposed solution is a planning system specially developed to cater the needs of educational institutes. Competing effectively in today's dynamic educational institutions require first-rate customer service, rapid time-to-manage, and carefully controlled costs. To achieve these objectives, a service provider needs a full and accurate understanding of its infrastructure, customer requirements, and internal resource constraints. Our solution is geared at every stage to manage institution’s resources and to make business process easy: we understand the different existing sectors and processes of the education system, thus, our management system ensures super-efficient control of your different departments, stock and takings, and enables easy planning and monitoring of retail operations. In addition, we’ve designed our whole solution with a modular architecture.


  • • The Online Admission Process be entirely transparent, time-saving & economical
  • • To facilitate quality service to students
  • • To increase efficiency in accepting application form
  • • To facilitate systematic record keeping
  • • To reduce the cost of the students as well as to the University
  • • Reduce redundancy of data
  • • Maintain confidentiality and security of the data
  • • Provide information to the authenticated users of the system
  • • Online Admission form can be filled at home / at any help center
  • • No more hassles of running to college for Admission
  • • Freedom from long queues
  • • Information regarding acceptance of form should be conveyed through Email/SMS
  • • Online availability of Information booklet regarding Online admission to the University
  • • Online availability of Procedure to fill the online pre-admission form
  • • Important Instructions for the students
  • • FAQs regarding online admission process