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Foodastix Material-Management-System

Foodastix Material-Management-System
Foodastix provides a complete Material-Management-System software solution to track what goes in and what goes out of your restaurant. Foodastix takes care of the inventory and consumables management, giving complete control over all the consumable commodities.
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  • Stores
  • Automated Code Generation (Raw Material, Supplier & Document Number)
  • Stock in Hand at any time
  • Purchase Order Generation
  • Indent Generation for purchase materials
  • Materials Receiving Note(MRN)
  • Issues to different Departments/Kitchen
  • Transfer In/Out to another stores
  • Purchase/Issue Return
  • Store Ledger(details of materials in stock
  • Cumulative Purchase/Issue Detail Reports
  • Party Wise Purchase Reports
  • Reorder Reports
  • Dish Recipe
  • Item Wise Consumption
  • Intermediate/Semi-Finished Production
  • Variance Report (Daily/Periodic short-excess report)
  • Item Wastage/Damage Report
  • Kitchen Costing
  • Menu-Item Analysis(Raw material consumption on basis of recipe)
  • Daily Cost Report (fetches sales data from POS)
  • A ll the reports can be generated for a Day / Week / Month or for any period. Reports can be on Screen, Printer or file. There is option to export the reports to Excel, Word and send through email.