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Foodastix QSR

Foodastix QSR
Foodastix QSR provides a complete restaurant management solution designed for quick service restaurants like pizza-chains, ice-cream parlours, and cafés. Efficiently manages both billing and kitchen level inventory operations.

Foodastix QSR
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  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Touch based POS
  • Multiple Bill Holding
  • Remote KOT Printing / Kitchen Display System
  • Customised Tax Structure
  • Email Audit Trails (pdf/xls/doc formats)
  • Inventory and Food Costing
  • Dish Recipe
  • Item Wise Consumption
  • Transfer In/Out to another stores
  • MIS Reports
  • Sales Tax Register, Credit Report,
  • ABC Report, Sales Analysis,
  • Cumulative Daily Sales Summary,
  • Time Wise Comparison, Home Delivery History
  • Graphics Report i.e. Pi Chart, Bar Chart etc.
  • A ll the reports can be generated for a Day / Week / Month or for any period. Reports can be on Screen, Printer or file. There is option to export the reports to Excel, Word and send through email.