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  • Facilitates all part of college administration & management by fast data entry, reports generation.
  • There is very less dependency on internet connection. It will be only required for updates.
  • Since the same application will cover daily routine work there will be no redundancy of data entry.
  • The browser based application can be extended to any number of PCs in the intranet without any hassles.
  • The browser based application is very easy to use and practically involves every single constituent of the system.
  • We can expect direct working and full independence of management people in using the system.
  • Linux based server is fully virus proof so crucial data is always intact and there are very low maintenance issues.
  • There is no cost of license for network operating system as Linux is an open source.
  • We save high cost per centre for data base system by using MySQL based application.
Fee Tracking is a complete fee management system. Fee Tracking application is a software-based business solution used to simultaneously track fee collection. And also included many features. It may be developed in-house by the company using with local modifications.

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